2G11 Tube

2G11 Tube


- High Lumens - The Ultra-L delivers high light output in a compact shape, suitable for smaller luminaires. For example: a 40W Ultra-L lamp produces 3150 lumens with a length of only 21.1 inches compared to an F32T8 lamp which produces 3050 lumens with a length of 48 inches
- Compact Size - The Ultra-L lamps are made in compact shapes and sizes to fit today's compact, low-profile fixtures. These lamps will allow the user the versatility in selecting the right lighting system to suit their needs
- Energy Efficient - These lamps deliver up to 110 lumens per watt, making them one of the best energy efficient light choices on the market today
- Long Life - In an effort to reduce maintenance costs, the life rating of these lamps is 12,000 hours. Compared to incandescent lamps, these Ultra-L lamps will last 12 to 16 times longer
- Excellent Color Rendering - All of the Ultra-L lamps are manufactured using a tri-phosphor coating ensuring that all lamps have the high color rendering properties of 800 series lamps. The Ultra-L lamps have a CRI of 82 and are available in 3000K, 3500K and 4100K color temperatures
- IS / RS Ballast Versatility - These lamps can be used on either Instant Start or Rapid Start ballasts


Model Size(mm) Power(W) Lumen
Beam Angle CRI Tube LED QTY LED  Power Factor Cover
2G11-225-8W 225x38mm 8W 100-110LM/W 120 >80 Single 48pcs 2835 >0.95 Milky
2G11-320-12W 320x38mm 12W 100-110LM/W 120 >80 Single 72pcs 2835 >0.95 Milky
2G11-410-18W 410x38mm 18W 100-110LM/W 120 >80 Single 96pcs 2835 >0.95 Milky
2G11-535-22W 535x38mm 22W 100-110LM/W 120 >80 Single 120pcs 2835 >0.95 Milky
2G11S-225-6W 225x43mm 6W 100-110LM/W 120 >80 Double 36pcs 2835 >0.95 Milky
2G11S-320-10W 320x43mm 10W 100-110LM/W 120 >80 Double 72pcs 2835 >0.95 Milky

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